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by touche amore

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captflake Just look for the "Reminders" video on Youtube and you know why you have to love this record <3 Favorite track: Reminders.
PaintedDogs thumbnail
PaintedDogs Never really 'got' this band, til this record, which is a really good jumping-off point to dig into their back catalogue with a greater appreciation of the things that make them stand out among the punk/hardcore blends dotting the scene. Favorite track: Come Heroine.
Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge thumbnail
Chris Hodge How do MY words even compare to these?!?I feel stupid writing anything. Good luck finding anything more fucking real and visceral than their last couple albums. It’s hard to listen to it’s so wrenchingly-beautiful.
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Come Heroine 02:50
From peaks of blue Come heroine With several suns you light the way When each day begins And I’m just a risk ATOP OF the moon When I swore I’d seen everything I saw you You brought me in You took to me and reversed the atrophy did so unknowingly now I’m undone I took my place You showed me how I’m softer now not hollowed out now I’m undone From peaks of blue Come heroine With open arms you brought down the walls I defend And I’m just a risk a colossal near miss prone to resist what is best for me
Lament 03:20
It’s early so I’m feeling vulnerable So do what you will For the sake of you I’m poised with what I understand is joy Shouldered cries from everywhere I expect no different You’d think by now I’d know my place But I lose it almost every day You’d think by now I’d have a grip But again I’ve let it slip If I’m out on a limb admiring something It may crack in two, I feel nothing Not the question preceding, or how I’m feeling But I’ve carried the world today, I have convinced myself I drank from the deepest pond When the ocean did me wrong Now I’m left with what I’ve known all along So I lament Then I forget So I lament Till I reset
Feign 02:48
If I find my bearings, can I settle down? Hiding my face often, since I lost my crown Where did my faith go since it left town? Do I die a little less often when I feign profound? I say the wrong thing at the perfect time That’s my signature on the silver line When I leave my home I’m angled south Where did my friends go? Have they heard my mouth? I’m a sparkling diamond when I have my doubts Do I die a little less often when I feign profound? I say the wrong thing at the perfect time That’s my signature on the silver line I say the wrong thing at the perfect time It’s an accident when I fall in line There is an elegance I find in every risk That I so often miss
Reminders 03:03
When it’s all too much to take I’m at capacity A failed system sings on the background tv To my shotgun mouth and apathy I need reminders of the love I have I need reminders good or bad I tilt my chin up in photographs A subtle way to reinvent the past With a head so beat and drained I’m running on empty As the world collapses with complacency To knee-jerk takes and fantasy I talk myself out of myself when I’m overwhelmed Is there a way to feel free without being someone else?
We sway like brittle branches One gust and to earth we come I’m grinning because I know I’m grinning just because Taking orders never suited me Saying no just for the thrill but tonight we’re moving slowly while the cavalry moves in for the kill I’m tired and I’m sore I’m not so young anymore Worn down, but I imagine This uniform stays in fashion We’ve poured ourselves in these sweet white dying dogs Some nights not kissing Some nights just because If we hear a crash We can only expect the worst But tonight we’re moving fast While the party resumes the search I’m tired and I’m sore I’m not so proud anymore Worn down, but I’ve decided It’s open casket you’re all invited My head in your lap from The wandering blackout The touch of your hand, you’re the last one to back out There’s nothing to argue, there’s only a title The worst’s yet to come well the worst’s not invited I make separate fists while I swallowed the pride I am haunting an old roll of telephone wires It’s not how it was but it’s not getting lighter The weight is immaculate, the depth is inspired It’s let in, eyes tired I hold waste, stop fires I want hope, faith higher I’m Lost now, loss tires So let’s embrace the twilight While burning out the limelight
Exit Row 02:16
There’s no doubt that I’ll sink my teeth in Not without depleting everyone around I’m a seen-it-all type, not easy to thrill I keep plants indoors, so I have something to kill I’ll conjure up the worst of me To sing a song so bittersweet I’ll come out of hiding just before dawn When tea tastes like pencils, I’ve been stirring too long I’ll offer up my aisle seat In this exit row for the sad elite There’s what I know for certain I know that I’m not wrong Suffering has no purpose ‘Round Here’ is an almost perfect song (ALMOST) I dragged my body to the desert’s end to mine for words in this abandoned head But all the vultures that surrounded said was “flesh is flesh whether live or dead”
Savoring 02:56
Savoring the days that we spent inside As if tomorrow will be different, whatever we decide I can’t deny, it’s nurturing Before I know it I am deep in Texas disconnected You make me resolvable When upside down, or impossible I’ve never been too subtle If I’m lost at sea, its not the shore that saving me Sometimes the slightest thing will split my head in half a crooked picture frame, or the volume of a laugh I can’t deny, IT’S disheartening Before I know it I have seen everything I need to see You make me resolvable When upside down, or impossible I’ve never been too subtle Brokering a deal, between my head and heart The stable life I need, or why I come apart I can’t deny, it’s baffling
A Broadcast 03:01
It’s that special kind of quiet Where ONE might be concerned But even with this silence My voice can be misheard So I’ll sweep the floors For the ghosts who now reside The ones who came before Who never chose a side I’ll power through the night For some kind of victory It’s not pretty, this vulgar life I’m airing constantly I’ll get my fill of praise And taste that bitter love I guess I’m still afraid For when you’ve had enough The sooner my senses leave The burden I have will go And the golden boy can be Paraded down below … and down, I’ll go
Pin a pink ribbon on to join the pain brigade Our numbers are impressive - I’m afraid We know the end of every story either one way or the other There’s no fun in guessing there’s no fun at all I’ll be your host Against my will Pin a black ribbon on, we’re the mourning campaign I didn’t ask to lead this party - I explain I’ll float through your city, with my blinders up It’s not what I would have chosen it’s not what i want at all I’m a shell of my former self can you tell when I’m panicking? I’m a shell of my former self can you tell when I’m babbling? At what point, is enough enough? I don’t want this role, I give it up But thats not enough I’ll be your host Against my will
Deflector 03:31
I’m a colorless banner flown at half mast I’m a vessel for last contact I’m a secondhand piano incapable of tune Providing the score for “gone too soon” I’ll test the water I won’t dive right in That’s too personal I’m too delicate I’ll test the water I won’t dive right in I’m not comfortable I rarely am Been a sideline voyeur, a conscientious deflector Been an underpin for something better Been faulty poet, a personal arsonist A last responder to my own self interest Cold-shouldered by design Sleeping in on borrowed time Let’s sing, just one more I’m a trapeze act missing contact A long way down to the floor Been a broken record, a conscientious deflector Been a sounding board for an absent savior Been a faulty poet, an ambivalent nihilist A last responder to my own self interest
A Forecast 03:38
Since the last time we spoke I’ve learned quite a lot The people I thought would reach out Turns out they would not On the anniversaries of the worst kind of days My phone was mostly silent One excuse was “giving space” It’s not like I wrote some lyrics detailing the exact events Some profit off the album Most I just consider friends But that’s the way it goes I’ve healed more than suffered I found the patience for jazz I still love the Coen brothers I’ve lost more family members Not to cancer but the GOP What’s the difference I’m not for certain They all end up dead to me So here’s the record closer I’m still working out its intent I’m not sure what I’m after But it couldn’t go left unsaid I’m still out in the rain I could use a little shelter - Now and then


released October 9, 2020

Jeremy Bolm – Vocals
Clayton Stevens – Guitar
Nick Steinhardt – Guitar
Elliot Babin – Drums
Tyler Kirby – Bass

All songs written by Touché Amoré
except * WRITTEN by Touché Amoré & JOHN ANDREW HULL

Published by Condolences, Evol Sister, 23db Music,
Hurt Guy Inc., Beer Champion (SESAC)
except * ALSO PUBLISHED BY Big Deal Music/
The Church of the Good Thief Publishing
c/o Words and Music Administration (BMI)

Produced by Ross Robinson
Engineered by Mike Balboa
Additional Engineering by Ross Robinson

Recorded at The Bunker Studio
Mixed by Steve Evetts at STEVE EVETTS MUSIC
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Management – Blaze James
and Alex Merchant for Roc Nation

Art Direction and Design – Nick Steinhardt
Photography – George L Clarke

Booking – Merrick Jarmulowicz
for Ground Control Touring
Josh Javor and Steve Strange
for XRay Touring (Europe)

Legal – Paul Sommerstein


all rights reserved



touche amore Los Angeles, California



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